Men's Pure Cashmere Herringbone Jumper Grey Flannel
Men's Pure Cashmere Herringbone Jumper Grey Flannel
Men's Pure Cashmere Herringbone Jumper Grey Flannel
Men's Pure Cashmere Herringbone Jumper Grey Flannel
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Men's Pure Cashmere Herringbone Jumper Grey Flannel

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Model: 23072_GREY FLANNEL
100% Cashmere
Made In Scotland
100% CASHMERE PRODUCT CODE: 23072 HERRINGBONE PATTERN V NECK JUMPER MADE IN SCOTLAND INCREDIBLY SOFT STYLISHUnusual herringbone pattern to emphasize any everyday outfit.Peter Scott has a passion to create the finest Scottish knitwear. A passion passed down through generations from their beginnings in 1878. All Peter Scott products are brought to life by combining outstanding design flair with over a century of experience, skill and the finest raw materials. Unique and stylish designs.Hand crafted luxury for living.Peter Scott is a member of Cashmere Made in Scotland club, and their garments hold Cashmere Made in Scotland mark.Garments made by the Scottish Cashmere Club branding are even more extraordinary. Devotion to quality and the artisans care and attention to detail, underlie the unrivalled luxury of the products.Centuries of heritage, skills and craftsmanship combine with an innate understanding of colour and design.In 1998, the leading manufacturers in knitwear, weaving and yarn spinning, came together to establish the Scottish Cashmere Club to protect the future of Scottish Cashmere, its heritage, craftsmanship, integrity, and the people who make beautiful pieces from a precious commodity made to be valued. Only the members of the Scottish Cashmere Club can use the Scottish Cashmere Club branding, a global branding guaranteeing exceptional quality of Cashmere fibre and production. Yarn spun from lesser quality fibre is weaker and can result in excessive pilling and loss of shape.Garments manufactured by Scottish Cashmere Club members are made to last much longer than a season. The best Cashmere comes from the soft under fleece of the Cashmere goat living on the windblown and desolate steppes of China and Mongolia.These barren and freezing conditions create the finest Cashmere fibre. One Cashmere goat produces between 125 and 300 grams of fleece, combed out every spring by nomadic herdsmen. It takes the under fleece of one goat to make a scarf, two to make a womans sweater, three for a man���s sweater and around 24 for an overcoat.